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Soll/muss man die Kappe am Refill nach dem Dampfen bis zum nächsten Dampfen wieder aufschieben damit das Liquide nicht von selber verdampft oder ist das nicht notwendig ??


How does the nikoBlue e-cigarette work?
What is the battery recharging time?
What is the battery life?
How do I know that the battery has to be recharged?
When is the battery fully charged?
What happens if I have no facility for USB charging?
The battery cannot be recharged, does not work or does not work properly. What can I do?
Can the e-cigarette damage my health?
Where can I use the e-cigarette?
Will a smoke detector be activated?
Are passive smoke or unpleasant smells produced?
Why does the nikoBlue e-cigarette have a blue light?
Can the e-cigarette explode?
Is there any truth in the negative reports about e-cigarettes?
Why are there negative reports?


How do I know when the refill is used up?
Which substances are used in the e-cigarette?
How long does a refill last for?
What is propandiol and is it harmful?
What is the storage life of the refills?
How much nicotine does the refill liquid contain?
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