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About nikoBlue

What is nikoBlue?

nikoBlue - this is Austria's number 1 e-cigarette! As an e-cigarette, it offers an alternative to tobacco cigarettes, but it has a significantly less harmful effect on health, while at the same time real smokers will find that it leaves nothing to be desired.

Many smokers would like to give up this particular vice - the e-cigarette supports them in this goal by providing an alternative means of delivering nicotine, but it does this without any of the characteristic, harmful contaminants that are in tobacco, and are responsible for a smoker's cough, poor condition and bad odours.

How does nikoBlue work?

nikoBlue has two tried and tested systems: pre-filled cartridges and clearomiser containers that you can fill yourself. Both versions are assembled by simply screwing them on to the the battery and they can be quickly and easily exchanged.

The cartridges: these single-use cartridges are aready filled with a liquid and once they have been screwed on, they are immediately ready for use. Several different nicotine strengths are available.

The clearomiser: these containers hold 1ml of Liquid that the customer can select and fill by himself. This means he can not only vary the nicotine strength, but also the flavour.

The nikoBlue battery is also charged by means of a screwed-on USB adapter connected to any USB port.

The advantages of nikoBlue

The principle of evaporation

An e-cigarette does not need burning and as a result it not only produces considerably fewer harmful substances, but the steam that arises will disperse very quickly and it leaves behind no annoying smoke and no lingering odours.


nikoBlue only uses ingredients that are approved as food additives in the EU. Depending upon the strength, the liquid contains varying amounts of nicotine - or none at all.

Consideration for other people

nikoBlue, unlike tobacco cigarettes, does not produce the conventional kind of passive smoke that can be a very troublesome nuisance for bystanders. The vapour that is formed when using e-cigarettes disperses quickly and does not leave any lingering odours. This makes e-cigarettes very much less intrusive for other people around you.

Easy to use

nikoBlue is all about being straightforward and very easy to use. The battery, which is activated by negative pressure, does not need to be configured, switched on, or pre-heated. No matter whether you use single-use cartridges or clearomisers, nikoBlue is always reliable and easy to use.

Save your cash

nikoBlue is considerably cheaper than conventional tobacco cigarettes. Depending on individual consumption levels, you can save quire a large part of your expenses - all without having to make any compromises.

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