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nikoBlue Starter Kit

EC-ID: 00441-16-00210

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Introducing the world of nikoBlue. With this starter kit you will have everything you need to enjoy your first nikoBlue vaping experience. Handy and easy to use - start vaping immediately! The starter kit contains a rechargeable battery, a USB charging adapter and 2 Refills regular-high.

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Introducing the world of nikoBlue. This starter kit will provide all that you need to enjoy your first nikoBlue vaping experience. The starter kit contains a rechargeable battery, a USB charging adapter, and 2 Refills regular-high.

The nikoBlue e-cigarette works on the principle of evaporation. nikoBlue consists of two parts: battery and nikoBlue refill. The refill is filled with nikoBlue liquid and is the equivalent of 20 cigarettes. This helps you to estimate how much you are consuming. The battery must be charged using the USB charging adapter, in other words by plugging it into any USB port. When the battery has been charged up, the refill is screwed on to it. nikoBlue is then ready for use. When the user makes a draw on the nikoBlue, this switches on a heating coil, which turns the liquid into steam, and at the same time the LED is lit up.



1 nikoblue battery

1 nikoblue battery USB charging adapter

2 nikoblue refills regular/high

Usage Instructions

Take the two protective caps away from the NikoBlue Refill, and screw the refill on to the battery. One refill lasts for approx. 300 draws, which is the equivalent of about 20 cigarettes.

The e-cigarette must be recharged when the LED light on the battery is flashing. To do this, screw the battery into the USB-charger plug and connect it to your chosen USB-compatible power supply, or computer USB slot.

The battery will be charging as long as the LED light is showing a steady blue colour. When the LED light goes out, the battery will be fully charged. Battery charging takes about 2.5 hours.

Please only use orginal nikoBlue refills: the battery is not compatible with products made by other brands!

Instructions for use

Place the refill end of the nikoBlue e-cigarette on your mouth and draw the vapour in. Your nikoBlue e-cigarette will be automatically activated each time you draw the vapour in, and it will switch itself off again at once.

There is a blue LED on the front which lets you check how it is functioning. If it is functioning normally, the LED will be continuously lit when you draw vapour in.

If the LED starts to flash when you are drawing in, instead of remaining constantly lit, this means that the battery needs to be charged.

You can store your nikoBlue anywhere you like. Unless you are drawing vapour in, no power or liquid is being used.

You will know when your current refill is running out because you will notice that there is much less vapour and flavour.

When the refill is empty, loosen the screw connection to the battery, dispose of the refill in your household refuse, and screw a new refill on to the battery.

Caution: keep your battery and the refills away from small children, because the refills in particular may pose a choking hazard!

Questions & Answers

Product Questions

Wie weiss ich wann der Aufladevorgang beendet ist.
Die blaue LED an der Spitze des Akkus erlischt sobald der Ladevorgang beendet ist.

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